The 10 best Formula 1 drivers ever: Hamilton, Senna & more

The 10 best Formula 1 drivers ever: Hamilton, Senna & more
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Everyone has their favourite, but who is statistically the best driver in Formula 1 history? We look at the number of wins, championships and more to see

The debate over the best F1 driver in history is ongoing, but statistically speaking, Lewis Hamilton is considered the best. With the most career wins and total career points, Hamilton has achieved success in many different countries and consistently performed well each season. He is tied with Michael Schumacher for world championships and holds numerous Formula 1 records. Despite narrowly missing out on an eighth title in 2021, Hamilton’s contract with Mercedes runs through 2023, giving him the opportunity to further extend his achievements. Michael Schumacher is also highly regarded as one of the greatest F1 drivers, with seven world championships and an impressive number of wins. He revolutionized the sport with his determination, passion, and skill, particularly during his dominant years with Ferrari. Sebastian Vettel had a remarkable run in his early career, winning four consecutive championships and setting multiple records. However, his form declined in later years, primarily due to regulation changes and the decline of his team, Red Bull.

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