Leclerc stayed in Dutch GP with damaged F1 car in hope of rain

Leclerc stayed in Dutch GP with damaged F1 car in hope of rain
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P1racenews AI automatic summary:

Charles Leclerc had a collision with Oscar Piastri on the first lap of the race, causing damage to his car. He switched to intermediate tires but the pit crew was not ready, resulting in a slow pit stop. The damage to his car’s floor caused him to lose downforce throughout the race. He dropped down the order and eventually retired. The rain that came later in the race would not have helped his situation.

Leclerc mentioned that he could feel the damage to his car more than what was initially communicated by the team. He was hoping for rain to create chaos and potentially score a few points. However, they realized that the rain would not come in time. He also commented on the collision with Piastri, stating that it had significant consequences for his car.

Leclerc’s slow pit stop added to his difficulties, but he believed it was the right decision to come in. He acknowledged that Zandvoort was one of the toughest races of the season for him in terms of results and car performance.

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