F1 Shockwave: Alfa Romeo’s Departure Marks End of an Era

F1 Shockwave: Alfa Romeo’s Departure Marks End of an Era

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It is becoming increasingly likely that we will no longer see Alfa Romeo as a sponsor in Formula 1 next year. The Italian car brand stepped down as Sauber’s sponsor after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and does not seem to be able to find a new partner in F1.

Rumours emerged around the Monaco Grand Prix that Alfa Romeo could become a sponsor for Haas next year after its partnership with Sauber ended. However, no official announcement has been made yet, as Alfa Romeo wants more clarity regarding its sponsorship in motorsport by the end of the summer. Negotiations between Alfa Romeo and Haas have stalled in recent months, as both parties have been unable to agree on the terms of the sponsorship. Alfa Romeo had a deal with Sauber as a title sponsor, but Formula 1 has changed, and teams can demand higher sponsorship rates now. It seems that Alfa Romeo is set to leave Formula 1 and may focus on other motorsport classes, potentially the World Endurance Championship.

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