Marquez Dominates Ducati: Reigning MotoGP King Takes Control

Marquez Dominates Ducati: Reigning MotoGP King Takes Control

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Aprilia and Jorge Martin might have beaten Ducati and Marc Marquez to the punch in announcing its 2025 deal. But there is no bigger winner than Marquez from this silly season development…

Jorge Martin and Aprilia made a surprising announcement about their MotoGP 2025 plans, beating Ducati to the punch and stirring up the news cycle. Martin’s decision is a big win for Aprilia and allows him to lead a MotoGP factory team, fulfilling his ambitions. However, the real winner seems to be Marc Marquez, who secured a spot in Ducati’s works team alongside Pecco Bagnaia, creating a formidable duo. Marquez’s move comes after struggling with his 2023-spec Ducati, making it a strategic off-track victory. Despite potential sacrifices, such as leaving his long-time Red Bull association, Marquez’s choice solidifies his position as a top rider in MotoGP for 2025. Ducati’s plans have shifted, losing Martin and potentially Bastianini, while Pramac’s future remains uncertain, showcasing Marquez’s influence on the grid for the upcoming season.

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