Unveiled: The Inside Story of Norris’ High-Stakes British GP Call

Unveiled: The Inside Story of Norris' High-Stakes British GP Call

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Read the full radio transcripts between Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri around their crucial British Grand Prix tyre calls.

Lando Norris was highly critical of himself and McLaren following the British Grand Prix, feeling that a potential race victory was lost due to a crucial decision regarding tire strategy. The team’s choice to switch from intermediate to slick tires, with Norris opting for used softs over fresh mediums, allowed Lewis Hamilton to overtake him and claim the win. Max Verstappen also passed Norris late in the race, highlighting the team’s error in tire selection. McLaren’s decision to fit new mediums on Oscar Piastri’s car, enabling him to close the gap to Norris and almost securing a podium finish, further emphasized the misstep in Norris’s strategy. The radio exchanges between Norris and his engineer, as well as Piastri and his engineer, showcased the contrasting decisions made by the two drivers and their respective teams during the race.

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