WRC at 50: Ranking the world championship's 20 greatest moments

WRC at 50: Ranking the world championship's 20 greatest moments
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WRC at 50: Ranking the world championship's 20 greatest moments

The World Rally Championship (WRC) has created countless memorable moments since its launch in 1973, including emotional victories, historic achievements, and unbelievable feats. To select the top 20 moments of the last 50 years, a panel of experts compiled a list of 50 moments which were then voted on by fans.

In 2001, Richard Burns emerged as the first and only English WRC champion after a dramatic finale at Rally GB. Four drivers had a chance of winning the championship, with Burns ultimately claiming his maiden title. The rally was filled with suspense as Burns, Colin McRae, Tommi Makinen, and Carlos Sainz battled for the championship. Burns, who hadn’t achieved a podium finish in the first four rounds, catapulted himself into contention with strong performances in subsequent races.

The Rally GB finale saw Makinen retiring due to suspension damage, and Sainz suffering a puncture, leaving the title fight between McRae and Burns. McRae’s hopes were dashed when he crashed his Ford Focus, allowing Burns to secure third place and clinch the world title. Despite a shaky finish, Burns and his co-driver Robert Reid held their nerve and became champions.

In 1985, during the Group B era, Timo Salonen unexpectedly became the WRC champion. It was initially expected that the title would be fought between Walter Rohrl and Ari Vatanen, but Salonen, Vatanen’s Peugeot teammate, shocked everyone by claiming the crown. Salonen, an unconventional figure who demanded an ashtray and power steering in his car, took charge of the season. Despite having only won three WRC races in his career, Salonen’s strong performances led him to victory.

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