Unveiling Ferrari’s Vulnerability: A Closer Look at the ‘Downgrade’ Exposing a Major Weakness

Unveiling Ferrari's Vulnerability: A Closer Look at the 'Downgrade' Exposing a Major Weakness

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Ferrari knew the British GP weekend would be difficult. But Silverstone hasn’t just exposed a weakness in fast corners – it’s demonstrated how big a bouncing problem it’s battling with its 2024 F1 car

Ferrari faced challenges at the British Grand Prix at Silverstone due to it being a high-speed track that highlighted weaknesses in their performance. They reverted back to the old specification of floor and bodywork to address the bouncing issue plaguing their 2024 Formula 1 car. Carlos Sainz qualified seventh, struggling to match George Russell’s pole position time, while Charles Leclerc missed out on Q3 in 11th place. The team experimented during Friday practice sessions to understand and address the excessive bouncing the car experienced in high-speed corners. Despite efforts to improve performance, the bouncing problem persisted, making it a significant hurdle for Ferrari to overcome. The team plans to reintroduce the upgrade package in Hungary while working on finding a better balance between performance and drivability.

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