The Power of Change: Ferrari’s Potential Black Livery with Hamilton

The Power of Change: Ferrari's Potential Black Livery with Hamilton

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Alongside the work of Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes ran a black livery for two seasons to raise awareness for global inequalities and prejudices. Now the seven-time drivers’ champion is moving to Ferrari, one journalist wanted to know if he would urge the Scuderia to do the same.

Lewis Hamilton will join Ferrari for the 2025 F1 season after spending 12 years at Mercedes, winning six drivers’ titles and eight constructors’ championships. His legacy includes fighting global injustices with Mission 44 and promoting diversity in motorsport through the Hamilton Commission. While Mercedes returned to its silver livery in 2022, Hamilton may not push for a black livery at Ferrari initially, given his recent experience with Mercedes. However, he will collaborate closely with Ferrari on philanthropy and impact work, emphasizing the need for continued efforts in and outside the sport. The possibility of Ferrari adopting a black livery upon Hamilton’s arrival remains an open question for fans to engage with on RacingNews365.

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