Unleashing Chaos: Sainz Points Finger at Parade Lap Cars’ Oily Peril

Unleashing Chaos: Sainz Points Finger at Parade Lap Cars’ Oily Peril
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Turn 1 at Las Vegas saw several cars run off the track or spin on the opening lap, which Carlos Sainz believes was a result of oil spilt from a parade lap car.

Carlos Sainz believes that the chaos on the first lap of the Las Vegas Grand Prix was caused by the oil spilt on the track by a parade lap car. The vintage cars used to give the crowd a chance to see the drivers before the race, but the car that was supposed to bring Lewis Hamilton around broke down and caused the oil spill. Although the spill was cleaned and covered with dust before the race, it still put those starting on the left side of the grid at a disadvantage. Max Verstappen, the race winner, went off the track on the first corner and forced pole-sitter Charles Leclerc wide. Fernando Alonso also spun around, and Sainz himself made contact with Hamilton and dropped to the back of the field. Sainz believes that the oil on the track, combined with the already dirty conditions, was unacceptable and likely caused many of the crashes. Despite starting from the back, Sainz managed to finish in sixth place, while Leclerc fought for the victory but settled for second. Sainz expressed regret for not being able to fight for the win himself, as it seemed like the car had the potential for a podium finish.

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