Twists and Turns: Ricciardo’s Fate Revealed in Pit Lane Drama

Twists and Turns: Ricciardo's Fate Revealed in Pit Lane Drama

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Daniel Ricciardo had to see the stewards for dangerously weaving down the pit lane.

Daniel Ricciardo has been reprimanded by British Grand Prix stewards for an incident in the pit lane during Free Practice 3. The incident occurred when Ricciardo was weaving his way down the pit lane and came dangerously close to personnel from other teams. Stewards determined that there was a risk of contact with personnel due to the wet conditions. Ricciardo acknowledged his actions were not ideal and assured the stewards he would not repeat them. This reprimand is the first of the season for Ricciardo. You can win tickets for the F1 Belgian GP 2024 by subscribing to our YouTube channel!

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