Hamilton reveals major off-track battle during winless exile

Hamilton reveals major off-track battle during winless exile

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It is 946 days since Lewis Hamilton last won in F1. He explains he has gone through so much in that period.

Lewis Hamilton recently opened up about his struggles with mental health off the track, leading up to his first win in 946 days. Overwhelmed with emotion, Hamilton cried over the radio, embraced his father as he stepped out of his Mercedes, and teared up on the podium during the national anthem. The victory marked the end of a challenging period for Hamilton, where he questioned his ability to win again and faced internal struggles he had not previously encountered. Hamilton’s win at the British Grand Prix was hard-fought, with a strategic second pit stop setting him up for victory over his main rival, Max Verstappen. The win held special significance for Hamilton due to the difficulties he faced in the 2021 season, his team’s challenges, and the long gap since his last triumph. Hamilton’s resilient performance and emotional reaction underscored the significance of his victory and the mental fortitude required to overcome setbacks in the competitive world of Formula 1.

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