Leadbetter’s Off-Road Ascension: Conquering Extreme E’s Toughest Challenges

Leadbetter's Off-Road Ascension: Conquering Extreme E's Toughest Challenges

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It’s been five months since the Extreme E season opener in Saudi Arabia, where Gray Leadbetter made her debut with Legacy Motor Club, but this weekend she’ll be back in action. It was a strong firs…

Five months have passed since Gray Leadbetter’s debut with Legacy Motor Club at the Extreme E season opener in Saudi Arabia, where she impressed with a pair of sixth place finishes. This weekend, she’s back in action, this time racing in Scotland’s challenging terrain. Despite a lack of prior seat time, Leadbetter quickly adapted to the all-electric off-road series alongside teammate Travis Pastrana. The opportunity to join Extreme E came unexpectedly but not entirely surprisingly, given her previous interest in the championship. Leadbetter’s successful start in the series marks her as a rising star in the off-road racing world, with a bright future ahead.

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