Indy’s Bittersweet Symphony: Heartbroken O’Ward’s Quest for Redemption

Indy's Bittersweet Symphony: Heartbroken O'Ward's Quest for Redemption
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Pato O’Ward is convinced that he couldn’t have done anything different in the final laps of Sunday’s Indianapolis 500, where he finished a heartbroken second after an extended battle with Josef New…

Pato O’Ward reflected on his performance in the Indianapolis 500, expressing confidence in his strategy despite finishing second after a close battle with Josef Newgarden. He believed he had cracked a code on how to position himself to win the race and protect a good result even if victory was out of reach. O’Ward praised his team’s strategy that put him in contention for the win, despite facing challenges and risking the integrity of his car in the final laps. After the race, O’Ward showed his emotions by staying with his car and keeping his helmet on, admitting to the tough month he had endured leading up to the event.

He acknowledged the intensity of the race, particularly the difficulties he faced in maintaining control of his car, with one notable save in Turn 2. O’Ward shared the trust he had in his skills during the race and the numerous moments where he pushed his limits to stay competitive. Overall, O’Ward expressed pride in his performance, despite the disappointment of not finishing first, emphasizing the risks and challenges he overcame throughout the event.

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