An Extravaganza of a Lifetime: The Unforgettable 99% Spectacle

An Extravaganza of a Lifetime: The Unforgettable 99% Spectacle
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“99% show, and 1% sporting event.” Max Verstappen’s description of the Las Vegas Grand Prix – when asked for the balance – was a striking quote on Wednesday night. The Dutchman said it with a smile…

years ago, so I think it’s cool to finally be here. The track is very fast, quite bumpy, and the surface is quite old, so it’s got a lot of character.”Hamilton acknowledges the show element of the event but sees it as an opportunity to promote the sport to a wider audience.“I think it’s great to have people here, and definitely want to extend our welcome for them to come and see what F1 is about, and hopefully it’s captivating to them. F1 has been hard at work trying to really inspire and captivate a new audience…so I think it’s great that we’ve opened up these opportunities to places like Vegas.”Overall, opinions on the Las Vegas Grand Prix are divided, with some drivers enjoying the showmanship and others feeling disconnected from the traditional race event. However, both Verstappen and Hamilton recognize the significance of bringing Formula 1 to new locations and engaging with different audiences.

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