The Strategic Shuffle: Wolff’s Insight on Red Bull’s F1 Reverse Gear Debate

The Strategic Shuffle: Wolff's Insight on Red Bull's F1 Reverse Gear Debate

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Mercedes boss Toto Wolff is unsure whether Red Bull has gone a step backwards relative to its Formula 1 rivals despite admitting the gap at the top has been closed. Red Bull’s dominance under the current ground effect regulations continued into the latest campaign as Max Verstappen cruised unopposed to four wins in five races. […]

Red Bull’s dominance in the current ground effect era continued in the latest campaign with Max Verstappen securing four wins out of five races. However, they faced tough competition in two of the previous races at Imola and Montreal. Red Bull’s weaknesses were exposed, particularly with issues related to kerb riding, making them more vulnerable. Despite Mercedes Technical Director James Allison suggesting Red Bull’s upgrades were actually downgrades, Red Bull’s Team Principal Christian Horner denied this twice. Mercedes, along with Ferrari and McLaren, have made significant progress recently, with Mercedes claiming pole position in Canada. Mercedes’ Team Principal Toto Wolff is cautious about their renewed pace translating to conventional circuits but remains optimistic about their overall performance. Wolff expects Red Bull to bounce back at the upcoming Spanish Grand Prix and anticipates tough competition from the likes of McLaren and Ferrari, alongside the reigning champions.

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