Ferrari’s Future in Question: Sainz’s Bold Revelation Shakes Up F1 Landscape

Ferrari's Future in Question: Sainz's Bold Revelation Shakes Up F1 Landscape

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Carlos Sainz has revealed Ferrari’s decision to revert to an older specification in the British Grand Prix means it is “three months” down on Formula 1 car development. Ferrari’s emergence as Red Bull’s closest contender earlier this season has dissipated in recent races since upgrades in Barcelona have caused bouncing to reappear. The marque’s recent […]

The recent upgrades in Barcelona caused bouncing issues for Ferrari, halting their progress and putting them behind their rivals. Carlos Sainz had to revert to the old package while Charles Leclerc continued with the new one, but Ferrari’s competitiveness suffered. Sainz acknowledged that Ferrari has lost valuable time and performance due to undoing their latest development work. Despite the setbacks, Sainz managed to secure fifth place and the fastest lap in challenging conditions at Silverstone. Looking ahead, Ferrari aims to improve their performance and switch between packages to address their recent setback before competing with the top teams again.

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