Ferrari’s Bold Move: Sainz Reveals Decision to Remove Spain F1 Upgrades

Ferrari's Bold Move: Sainz Reveals Decision to Remove Spain F1 Upgrades

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Carlos Sainz has explained how the desire to temper bouncing at high speed is behind Ferrari reverting to an earlier-specification car at Formula 1’s British Grand Prix. Ferrari’s emergence as Red Bull’s main challenger has dissipated since the team triumphed in Monaco as upgrades in Spain have delivered unintended complications. Sainz has reiterated on multiple […]

Ferrari’s challenge to Red Bull has diminished following complications with recent upgrades in Spain, as highlighted by Carlos Sainz’s observations on the team’s struggles with high-speed cornering. This led to Ferrari reverting the latest updates at Silverstone, with Charles Leclerc using the new package in practice sessions, albeit with mixed results. Despite Sainz making it to Q3, he could only secure seventh place on the grid, reflecting their difficulties on high-speed tracks like Silverstone. Sainz emphasized Ferrari’s focus on improving consistency rather than chasing performance gains, acknowledging the need for further progress to overcome their current challenges. While Sainz remains confident in Ferrari’s ability to bounce back from setbacks, he acknowledges that resolving their issues will require sustained effort.

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