Rising Star Hadjar Surges to the Top: Stunning Victory in F2 Feature Race

Rising Star Hadjar Surges to the Top: Stunning Victory in F2 Feature Race

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Campos driver Isack Hadjar overtook Paul Aron to take the lead of the Formula 2 championship with a third feature race win at Silverstone. Maloney and Crawford completed the podium. On the formation lap, Bortoleto spun as he lacked tyre temperature but he managed to continue to the grid. Safety Car was summoned in Lap […]

During the formation lap, Bortoleto spun due to lack of tire temperature but managed to reach the grid. A Safety Car was deployed in Lap 1 after Antonelli spun following a collision with Maini. Victor Martins led the race at the start, with Bearman in second after a strong initial move. Hadjar dropped to third, followed by Crawford and Bortoleto, who made a daring move around Maloney before the Safety Car period. Martins defended his position well during the restart, but another Safety Car came out as Durksen got stuck in the gravel. Aron and Maini pitted for tire changes while the race restarted with Martins still in the lead. Hadjar pressured Bearman for second place before both made their mandatory stops. Crawford overtook Maloney in the pits, and Colapinto made a strong move for the lead. The intense battle among the front runners allowed Colapinto to build a significant lead with a different pit strategy. Several drivers opted for an alternative strategy, including Barnard and Miyata, who pitted early. Colapinto, Correa, Marti, Stanek, and Maini also pitted, with Colapinto rejoining the race in the lead.

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