Victorious Moments: Lindblad Seizes the F3 Sprint Title at Silverstone

Victorious Moments: Lindblad Seizes the F3 Sprint Title at Silverstone

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Home hero Arvid Lindblad claimed his third win of the season on home soil to re-take third into the Formula 3 standings. Lindblad took the lead from Noel Leon going into turn 1 as the top three got involved on a clean three-way wheel-to-wheel Leon, who lost position to Zagazeta during the battle during the […]

Lindblad overtook Noel Leon in turn 1 to take the lead, with a smooth three-way battle between the top three. Despite initially losing position, Leon managed to regain second place from Zagazeta at Maggots and Becketts. Leo Fornaroli struggled with his launch and dropped from ninth to 17th.

Sophia Floersch and Mari Boya were the first to encounter incidents and had to pit for a front-wing change. Tommy Smith and Santiago Ramos followed suit due to car damage. Debris on the track led to yellow flags, then a Virtual Safety Car.

The race resumed by Lap 4 but was halted again after an incident between Goethe and Esterson, necessitating a full safety car procedure. Luke Browning lost positions due to damage caused by Tim Tramnitz, resulting in both drivers needing pit stops. Following a penalty for Goethe, Dunne briefly moved up to sixth but had to pit for a new front wing after a collision with Wurz.

Lindblad maintained a comfortable lead over Leon, ultimately winning in front of his home audience. Montoya executed a successful overtake on Meguetounif for eighth place. Mansell and Tsolov battled for fifth, with Mini attempting to gain positions but ending in a near-crash with Tsolov. Mansell secured fifth place but received a time penalty, dropping him out of the points. Lindblad claimed victory, with Leon and Zagazeta rounding out the podium in the sprint session.

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