Burning Bridges: Leclerc’s Ferrari F1 Experiments at Silverstone

Burning Bridges: Leclerc's Ferrari F1 Experiments at Silverstone

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Charles Leclerc has admitted he’s paid the price with the experiments Ferrari has been conducting at Formula 1’s British Grand Prix as he slumped to a shock Q2 exit. Ferrari opted to split parts between the drivers in the opening two practice hours in a bid to understand the bouncing issue that’s hindered its recent […]

Ferrari decided to divide the parts between the drivers during the first two practice hours to investigate the bouncing issue affecting their recent performance. Charles Leclerc’s time in the SF-24 car without the Barcelona updates prompted the team to switch back to the older package due to a damp final practice session. Consequently, Leclerc struggled in qualifying and secured the 11th position. Despite the setback, Leclerc supports Ferrari’s decision, believing it will benefit the team in the long run. He acknowledged the team’s current struggles and emphasized the importance of learning from the situation for future improvements. Leclerc attributed his difficulties in matching his teammate to challenges in maintaining the optimal tire performance, particularly in high-speed corners. Despite Ferrari’s regression since Monaco, Leclerc remains hopeful for rain during the race, seeing it as an opportunity to shake up the competition and potentially benefit Ferrari’s performance.

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