Revving Up Costs: Examining the Price Tag of the F1 British Grand Prix

Revving Up Costs: Examining the Price Tag of the F1 British Grand Prix

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Where does Silverstone rank among 2024’s Formula 1 venues? The answer to that question depends on the metric you apply to the question.  Let’s take ticket prices. If one applies a financial lens to ranking F1 circuits Silverstone ranks in the top five, but that is no reason to celebrate for the average F1 punter […]

While Silverstone is ranked in the top five F1 circuits in terms of financial performance, the British Grand Prix venue actually has the fifth-highest average ticket price on this year’s calendar, with the average British GP ticket costing $689. When looking at general admission tickets only, Silverstone jumps to the second-highest spot. There is a concerning trend of rising ticket prices for the British GP each year, even though it aligns with the growing popularity of F1. The discourse around ticket prices escalated when Silverstone’s CEO suggested that Red Bull’s dominance was making it harder to sell out the venue. Some blame was placed on Red Bull, but fans and drivers like Verstappen and Hamilton emphasized the importance of reasonable ticket prices. Hamilton highlighted the need to monitor ticket prices, especially considering the current cost of living.

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