Norris: McLaren F1 race pace still "nowhere near enough"

Norris: McLaren F1 race pace still "nowhere near enough"
Image source: Autosport
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The Englishman acknowledged that strategy played a role in their performance, particularly the decision to stay out on slicks at the start. However, he emphasized that the McLaren car was not as competitive on race day as it was in qualifying, especially when compared to rivals Aston Martin and Mercedes. He expressed disappointment with their pace and stated that their one-lap performance was stronger than their race pace. He believed that McLaren made the wrong call by not pitting for intermediates when it started to rain, which cost them positions. He acknowledged that they have made some good decisions in the past, but the ones they lost on tend to stick in their memory more. He also mentioned that next weekend’s race at Monza could be tough for the team due to their car’s weakness in terms of straightline speed.

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