Accelerating into Adversity: Ferrari’s Turbulent F1 Journey Continues Unabated

Accelerating into Adversity: Ferrari's Turbulent F1 Journey Continues Unabated

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Charles Leclerc didn’t grasp for positives about Ferrari’s plight continued at Silverstone. And there’s little evidence things will get better in the short-term, as Edd Straw explains

Charles Leclerc expressed deep disappointment after finishing 11th in the British Grand Prix, referring to Ferrari’s recent performances as “worse than a nightmare.” His teammate Carlos Sainz also acknowledged that the team’s current form is “clearly not good enough.” The introduction of a new upgrade for the Spanish GP contributed to Ferrari’s struggles, leading to issues with bouncing at high speeds, making them the fourth-best among the top teams. Sainz has managed to achieve better results post-upgrade, but Leclerc has faced challenges in search of performance gains. Team principal Fred Vasseur explained the complexities of the situation, emphasizing the need to analyze data and understand the impact of the new upgrade on performance. The dilemma lies in balancing the expected downforce gains with the detrimental effects of bouncing, which can affect tire degradation and overall lap pace. Vasseur highlighted the intricate relationship between aerodynamics and mechanical components in optimizing the car’s performance at various speeds.

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