Race Against Time: Raikkonen’s Nurburgring Misfortune Unraveled

Race Against Time: Raikkonen's Nurburgring Misfortune Unraveled

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The latest episode of Bring Back V10s looks back at one of the iconic images from the 2005 F1 season (and one of its defining moments): Kimi Raikkonen’s suspension failure on the final lap of the European Grand Prix

The 2005 European Grand Prix may not have been the defining moment in that year’s Formula 1 title race, as the McLaren MP4-20 had shown vulnerabilities earlier in the season, and would continue to do so. However, Kimi Raikkonen’s suspension failure on the final lap at the Nurburgring, gifting victory to rival Fernando Alonso, remains an iconic moment of the season. This incident is explored in detail in an episode of the Bring Back V10s classic F1 stories podcast, which delves into the close battle between Raikkonen and Alonso, as well as the challenges faced by Ferrari in 2005. Other highlights of the episode include Jacques Villeneuve’s run-in with Peter Sauber, BMW dispelling acquisition rumors, BAR’s comeback from a ban, Coulthard’s missed Red Bull podium, and Trulli’s bold assertion of potential victory. For more classic F1 stories, fans can access bonus episodes through The Race Members’ Club on Patreon, including the 1997 Revisited series.

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