Edd Straw’s 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix F1 driver rankings

Edd Straw’s 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix F1 driver rankings
P1racenews AI automatic summary:

No one in F1 had a particularly straightforward Las Vegas GP – but who was most impressive at dealing with the new venue’s unique challenges?

The Las Vegas Grand Prix was a challenging race for all Formula 1 drivers, with the unpredictable circuit, form fluctuations, first-lap incidents, and safety car timing making qualifying positions irrelevant. Ranking the drivers’ performances was a difficult task, as it took into account factors like pace, racecraft, consistency, and avoiding mistakes. The rankings reflect the drivers’ performance across the entire weekend, recognizing that qualifying plays a significant role in setting the foundation for the race. It’s important to note that this ranking is specific to each weekend and does not judge the drivers’ overall qualities. Charles Leclerc had a strong performance, leading the race until the safety car appeared, ultimately finishing in second place. Max Verstappen took advantage of a penalty and a safety car incident, securing the victory. Valtteri Bottas faced adversity after a collision, resulting in a 17th place finish, but his strong qualifying performance hinted at a much better result.

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