Defiant Wolff: ‘That Ship Has Sailed’ – The Battle Continues

Defiant Wolff: 'That Ship Has Sailed' - The Battle Continues

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It seems Toto Wolff believes one area of F1’s 2026 rules is now a closed book.

According to Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff, there will be no changes to the 2026 F1 power unit regulations, regardless of suggestions by FIA single-seater director Nikolas Tombazis. Tombazis mentioned the possibility of adjustments if all six engine manufacturers, including Mercedes, Ferrari, Renault, Honda, Audi, and Red Bull, collectively agree, emphasizing the need for collaboration among them. Wolff specifically stated that any modifications to long-standing regulations would not be considered at this point. Conversely, adjustments to the chassis regulations have been recognized as necessary due to concerns raised by drivers and team principals about car performance. Discussions are ongoing to optimize the rules before final approval later this year, with an emphasis on achieving better performance levels. Wolff emphasized that while changes are feasible on the chassis side, the engine regulations are too far into the development process to make alterations.

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