Sainz Battles the Speed of F1 Rules at 300kph

Sainz Battles the Speed of F1 Rules at 300kph

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It’s not surprising the drivers get confused – particularly with no time to think sometimes.

Carlos Sainz believes that Formula 1’s regulations have become overly complicated, as evidenced by the recent intense battle between Max Verstappen and Lando Norris at the Austrian Grand Prix, which stirred up a lot of controversy. The clash between the Red Bull and McLaren drivers led to a collision, penalties, and retirement for Norris, with Verstappen facing criticism for his aggressive driving style. Sainz points out that the constant rewriting of the rulebook has left drivers unsure of what is permissible on track, highlighting the need for simplicity in regulations. He argues that the existing rules are already detailed enough and calls for a clearer application of the rules without further additions. Ultimately, Sainz emphasizes the importance of clarity and consistency in rule enforcement to maintain the integrity of Formula 1 competition.

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