The Las Vegas X-Factor: Will it Hinder Red Bull’s Aspirations?

The Las Vegas X-Factor: Will it Hinder Red Bull’s Aspirations?
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Sergio Perez is on the cusp on wrapping up P2 in the Drivers’ Championship and can do so in Las Vegas this weekend. However, he has identified a potential challenge to that.

Sergio Perez is cautious about the cold temperatures and challenging tire conditions in the Las Vegas Grand Prix, as he aims to secure second place in the championship. Currently, Perez holds a 32-point lead over Lewis Hamilton, with only 26 points available in the final race in Abu Dhabi. Unless Hamilton can outscore Perez by at least seven points, the Mexican driver will achieve his best-ever finish in the standings, although still far behind Max Verstappen, the runaway champion. The Las Vegas race will have cold air temperatures due to the evening start time, and teams will also have to contend with long straights that can cool down the tires. Despite Perez’s confidence in completing the task in Nevada, he remains wary of potential mistakes. He emphasizes the need to focus on strong performances in the last two races of the season and acknowledges the unique challenge of managing tire temperatures in Las Vegas. Overall, Perez feels positive about the team’s progress and believes they are approaching their earlier performances from the season.

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