Uncovering the Formula: McLaren’s Analysis of Norris’s Racing Edge compared to Hamilton and Verstappen

Uncovering the Formula: McLaren's Analysis of Norris's Racing Edge compared to Hamilton and Verstappen

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As the saying goes, nothing beats experience, nor that winning feeling. It seems Lando needs more of both.

McLaren CEO Zak Brown emphasized the key distinction between Lando Norris and his rivals, Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, in terms of having the competitive edge in Formula 1. Norris has acknowledged the need to perform at 100% to challenge Verstappen but has sometimes fallen short by a mere percentage point. This was evident in races such as the Austrian Grand Prix sprint, where Norris executed a brilliant overtake on Verstappen only to lose out a corner later, allowing Verstappen to claim victory. At the subsequent British Grand Prix, Norris made a strategic error by choosing the wrong tires, ultimately finishing behind both Verstappen and Hamilton. Brown believes Norris is continually learning and gaining experience, and despite his potential to win a world championship, there is still room for improvement, citing how drivers like Verstappen continuously enhance their skills over time.

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