Breaking Barriers: Hamilton’s Historic Triumph Leaves Formula 1 World in Awe

Breaking Barriers: Hamilton's Historic Triumph Leaves Formula 1 World in Awe

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Check out how the world reacted to last weekend’s British Grand Prix and Lewis Hamilton’s first victory since 2021.

Lewis Hamilton ended his 946-day winless streak by winning the British Grand Prix, breaking the record for most wins at one venue with his 104th career victory. Reigning world champion Max Verstappen and Lando Norris joined him on the emotional podium at Silverstone. Global media reacted strongly to Hamilton’s win, with UK’s The Times and Italy’s La Gazzetta dello Sport heavily covering the story. French outlet L’Equipe highlighted Hamilton’s unexpected end to the winless streak, while Dutch publication De Telegraaf focused on McLaren’s costly strategic errors during the race. Germany’s BILD showcased Hamilton breaking a record he shared with Michael Schumacher for most wins at one venue.

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