The Stunning Decline: Ferrari’s Recent Form Dubbed ‘Worse Than a Nightmare’ by Leclerc

The Stunning Decline: Ferrari's Recent Form Dubbed 'Worse Than a Nightmare' by Leclerc

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Charles Leclerc failed to score a point and was lapped in the British Grand Prix.

Following a string of disappointing races, Charles Leclerc admitted that he and Ferrari have been experiencing a nightmare, with issues ranging from slow pace to questionable strategies. The latest setback at the British Grand Prix saw Leclerc finishing 14th after a mistimed pit stop for intermediate tires on a drying track ultimately ruining his race. The challenging run for Leclerc began after his Monaco Grand Prix victory, with subsequent races in Canada, Spain, and Austria proving to be difficult. Despite the struggles, he remains hopeful for a turnaround and emphasized the need for the team to analyze their decision-making processes. Ferrari’s recent strategical missteps have added to their problems, including at Silverstone where both Leclerc and Red Bull’s Sergio Perez were caught out by the weather conditions. Leclerc acknowledged that the decision to pit for intermediate tires was incorrect, leading to another frustrating weekend for himself and Ferrari.

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