Unveiling the Thrilling Spectacle: F1’s 2025 Sprint Race Calendar Announcement

Unveiling the Thrilling Spectacle: F1's 2025 Sprint Race Calendar Announcement

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F1 will again run six sprints in 2025.

F1 has revealed the 2025 sprint venue line-up with Belgium returning and Austria being replaced.

There will be a total of six sprint events at China, Miami, Austin, São Paulo, and Qatar, in addition to Belgium.

The decision to have a similar calendar is based on selecting the best circuits for sprints and pleasing the promoters.

The format will continue with the race being a one-third distance compared to a grand prix, and points will be awarded to the top-eight drivers.

Discussions about potential tweaks have occurred within the F1 Commission with plans to continue later this year.

Teams and drivers found success with the changed schedule this year, showcasing the popularity of sprint weekends over traditional grand prix weekends in terms of TV and social audience engagement.

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