Unveiling the Enigmatic Mystery: Delving into Ferrari’s Unexpected F1 Plummet

Unveiling the Enigmatic Mystery: Delving into Ferrari's Unexpected F1 Plummet

P1racenews AI automatic summary:

Ferrari has suffered a slump in form of late, despite introducing an upgrade package that has successfully added downforce to the car.

The major upgrade package on the Ferrari this year has caused issues, as the SF24 car is experiencing high-speed instability. This is not due to a discrepancy between simulator and on-track data, but rather because the upgrade is too effective for the current SF24 platform. Ferrari has managed to generate more downforce with a new floor and diffuser, but the existing suspension cannot handle the increased downforce levels. The reintroduction of ground effect in 2022 requires an efficient suspension configuration, and Ferrari’s existing setup is struggling to compensate for the increased downforce. While Ferrari succeeded in boosting downforce, the impact on the suspension was not fully anticipated. Adjustments to an F1 car’s suspension are crucial, and even minor changes can significantly affect the overall performance. Ferrari might have overlooked the potential repercussions of prioritizing downforce in their upgrade. As of 2022, simulating phenomena like porpoising is highly challenging, which means Ferrari may have only realized the issue when the car hit the track. Don’t miss your chance to win tickets for the F1 Belgian GP 2024 – subscribe to our YouTube channel now!

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