Dangerously Determined: Sainz’s Revelations of Near-Death Experience Post-Appendicitis Diagnosis

Dangerously Determined: Sainz's Revelations of Near-Death Experience Post-Appendicitis Diagnosis

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Carlos Sainz has revealed how much of a risk he took during the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix earlier this year, ahead of being diagnosed with appendicitis.

Carlos Sainz shared on the Nude Project podcast that he was warned by a doctor about the possibility of “dying” due to ignoring his appendicitis symptoms for several days. Despite feeling unwell upon arriving in Saudi Arabia for the Grand Prix, Sainz pushed through the pain to participate in free practice sessions. Eventually, the pain intensified, leading to a hospital visit where he was diagnosed with appendicitis and promptly underwent surgery. This unexpected turn of events allowed Oliver Bearman to step in for his F1 debut and secure valuable points. Reflecting on the challenging experience, Sainz admitted to struggling with the illness and the demanding Jeddah circuit, ultimately learning of the life-threatening consequences of delaying treatment. Despite his initial hope to race, Sainz had to prioritize his health, undergo surgery, and focus on returning for upcoming races, including the Australian Grand Prix.

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