Rising to the Challenge: How Verstappen’s Pressure Fueled Perez’s Determination to Succeed

Rising to the Challenge: How Verstappen's Pressure Fueled Perez's Determination to Succeed

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Sergio Perez says his performances would be viewed differently if he was alongside another driver other than Max Verstappen due to the standard his Red Bull teammate sets. Verstappen has won the pa…

Sergio Perez acknowledges that his performance is evaluated differently due to being paired with Max Verstappen, an exceptional driver who sets high standards at Red Bull. Verstappen’s consecutive drivers’ championships and current lead in the standings highlight the challenge Perez faces, now ranking fifth after consecutive retirements. Last season, Perez’s second-place finish in the championship marked a career highlight, contributing to Red Bull’s historic one-two in the standings. Despite the mental toughness required to race alongside Verstappen, Perez finds the challenge stimulating at this stage of his career, striving to give his best for the team. Amid potential moves in the driver market, Perez expressed his commitment to staying with Red Bull until he retires from Formula 1, appreciating the team’s support and aiming to end his career with them.

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