Stella’s Revelation: McLaren’s Internal Struggle at the British GP

Stella's Revelation: McLaren's Internal Struggle at the British GP

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McLaren doubted itself when it had tough decisions to make in the British Grand Prix and the drivers should not take a significant share of the blame, according to team principal Andrea Stella. Lan…

According to McLaren team principal Andrea Stella, the team doubted itself during the British Grand Prix when making tough decisions, and the drivers should not take a significant share of the blame. Lando Norris, who was leading, suffered from high levels of degradation and dropped to third place after fitting a soft tire during the final pit stop, instead of a brand-new medium tire available. Stella mentioned that they should have taken the responsibility to choose the medium tire as the right option, instead of asking for Norris’s preference. The team also faced a situation with driver Oscar Piastri earlier in the race, where they were running one-two and had to make pit stops for intermediate tires. Stella admitted that they were too greedy and should have accepted the time loss of a double stack pit stop, as trying to gain time ultimately cost Piastri a strong position in the race. In hindsight, McLaren understood that it is sometimes better to be patient and focus on doing the right thing rather than hoping for minimal time losses.

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