'It’s clear we made the wrong decision' – Norris

'It’s clear we made the wrong decision' – Norris

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Lando Norris says the Dutch Grand Prix was another example of McLaren making bad decisions that cost the team points, something he feels has happened too often this season.

Lando Norris expressed frustration with McLaren’s poor strategic decisions during the Dutch Grand Prix, which he believes have been a frequent occurrence this season. Norris criticized the team’s choice to keep both drivers on slick tires during rain, causing him to fall to 15th place. He acknowledged the team’s recovery in the second half of the race, but still viewed the initial decision as a mistake. Norris does not believe that strategic decisions are always a weakness for McLaren, but admits that the bad calls stand out more than the good ones. Despite a late incident with George Russell, Norris felt there was nothing he could have done differently and considered it good racing.

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