Sainz: Ferrari only the sixth-fastest F1 team in Dutch GP

Sainz: Ferrari only the sixth-fastest F1 team in Dutch GP

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Carlos Sainz admits that Ferrari lacked pace in the mixed weather race and considers their fifth-place finish to be an almost perfect execution of the race, fending off Lewis Hamilton and Lando Norris. Sainz acknowledges that Ferrari was more like the sixth-fastest car this weekend, but they managed to hold their own against quicker cars. Despite struggling with the car’s performance, Sainz believes it was one of his best drives of the season. He also praises Ferrari’s strategy calls, except for a slight mistake in the first pit stop. The team opted for a lower downforce setup, which didn’t work well in the challenging weather conditions. Ferrari team boss, Fred Vasseur, agrees that the conditions were not favorable and acknowledges that their package would have been better in standard conditions. Despite Charles Leclerc’s early retirement due to floor damage, Ferrari still considers the race result to be below their expectations.

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