Ocon: Pirelli F1 wet "not the right tyre at any moment"

Ocon: Pirelli F1 wet "not the right tyre at any moment"
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Esteban Ocon, a French driver for Alpine, expressed his dissatisfaction with the choice of wet tires during the race, stating that they were not suitable at any point. He believed that if conditions were right for the wet tires, a red flag would likely be shown, which eventually happened. Ocon finished in 10th place and felt that he could have achieved a better result. He lost ground at the start and had to pit for intermediates on the second lap. He was forced to wait for another lap to pit when rain reappeared towards the end of the race. Ocon questioned the decision to switch to full wet tires and expressed frustration about losing positions. He believed that the call to use full wet tires was not the right one and that they would have resulted in a red flag. Ocon also expressed frustration about not being able to pit for intermediates on the first lap when others did. Despite the setbacks, he felt that a 6th place finish was still possible.

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