Siegel’s Insight: The Power of an IndyCar Seat Amidst the Hybrid Revolution

Siegel's Insight: The Power of an IndyCar Seat Amidst the Hybrid Revolution

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Nolan Siegel is just starting his IndyCar career in earnest, having now run the first couple races of a multi-year deal with Arrow McLaren. He started the 2024 season competing full time in IndyNXT with a couple select IndyCar outings scheduled with Dale Coyne Racing, not to mention a few endurance sports car races as […]

The 2024 season started for Siegel with competing in IndyNXT full time and a few IndyCar outings with Dale Coyne Racing plus some endurance sports car races. However, in June, he substituted for Agustin Canapino at Road America and was then signed by Arrow McLaren to take over car #6 for the season and beyond. The timing of his IndyCar advancement has been beneficial, as he participated in the debut weekend of the series’ hybrid system at Mid-Ohio. Siegel acknowledges that managing the jump to the premier series is a challenge, but he sees learning the hybrid system alongside the rest of the grid as an advantage in catching up with his rivals. Despite still having much to learn compared to others, he views participating in the hybrid system’s inaugural weekend as significant and anticipates it will give him an edge going into the following year. Siegel’s ability to quickly grasp new skills has been evident, and he is optimistic that being on equal footing in this aspect will allow him to showcase his talents more effectively on the grand stage.

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