Daniel Ricciardo’s Quest for Answers: Racing Pointing Towards a ‘Big Hole’ in Red Bull’s Performance at the British Grand Prix

Daniel Ricciardo's Quest for Answers: Racing Pointing Towards a 'Big Hole' in Red Bull's Performance at the British Grand Prix

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Daniel Ricciardo remarked that he hopes RB discover a “big hole” in his Formula 1 car to explain his struggles to extract pace during last weekend’s British Grand Prix. Ricciardo was aiming to build upon an encouraging drive to ninth in Austria, but he lamented being uncompetitive in all conditions Silverstone as he came home […]

Daniel Ricciardo expressed disappointment with his performance at Silverstone, finishing 13th after struggling to be competitive in all weather conditions. Despite a setback in qualifying and an engine change before the race, Ricciardo was unable to pinpoint the reason for his lackluster pace throughout the weekend. He acknowledged that Red Bull Racing has fallen behind rivals in terms of development, leading to compromised performance at the British Grand Prix. Ricciardo admitted that his team did not maximize their potential and expressed confusion over the lack of aero load compared to other cars. Despite feeling satisfied with the balance of his car during the race, Ricciardo recognized the need to improve and work closely with his team to understand their struggles and make progress.

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