Unveiling the Secret to Mercedes’ Victory: How a Crucial Factor Thwarted Verstappen’s F1 Charge at Silverstone

Unveiling the Secret to Mercedes' Victory: How a Crucial Factor Thwarted Verstappen's F1 Charge at Silverstone

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Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has hinted its superior degradation prevented Lewis Hamilton from falling into Max Verstappen’s clutches in Formula 1’s British Grand Prix. Hamilton capitalised on an undercut with a late crossover to slicks when the track dried to overhaul McLaren’s Lando Norris to achieve a record ninth Silverstone win. The Briton was placed […]

Hamilton strategically used an undercut by switching to slicks late in the race to secure his record ninth Silverstone win, overtaking Lando Norris of McLaren. Norris fell behind Max Verstappen after mimicking Hamilton’s tire choice, and Verstappen rapidly closed the gap with a late charge on harder tires but finished 1.4 seconds behind. Mercedes believed the hard tire was not the ideal choice but were limited by their pre-race selection, surprising them with its effectiveness on Verstappen’s car. Team boss Wolff praised the pit crew’s communication with Hamilton for making the critical tire change and securing the victory. Despite the success, Wolff expressed disappointment over a water leak issue that sidelined pole-sitter George Russell, denying him a podium finish at his home race and optimistic about his future success in Formula 1.

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