Zandvoort F1 pits to be extended by six garages for 2024

Zandvoort F1 pits to be extended by six garages for 2024

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The tight pitlane and small main paddock have been identified as the main issues affecting the Dutch Grand Prix. Changes are being made to secure the event’s future and accommodate potential expansion of the F1 grid. The FIA allowed drivers to start behind the safety car on intermediates rather than wets to avoid a rush into the pits. The short pitlane led to complications during pit stops, with limited space for double stacking. AlphaTauri was the only team to double stack, resulting in a penalty for Liam Lawson. Next year, the pit garages and pit lane will be extended towards Turn 1 to address these challenges and provide more safety and working space. The primary focus is on ensuring safety and creating more room. The construction of additional garages will require the re-routing and extension of a pedestrian tunnel. The circuit management plans to continue upgrading the facilities in the future to further improve the overall experience.

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