Charting the Course: Yamaha’s Next Move After Secret MotoGP ‘Triumph’

Charting the Course: Yamaha's Next Move After Secret MotoGP 'Triumph'

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“If I don’t finish last, I think it’s a victory!” That’s exactly what Remy Gardner managed to do at the German GP, albeit penalty-assisted. So should he have a bigger role in Yahama’s future MotoGP plans?

Remy Gardner considered not finishing last in the race as a victory, securing it after Stefan Bradl received a tyre pressure penalty. Despite finishing 50 seconds behind the leader and 33 seconds behind his teammate, Fabio Quartararo, Gardner was still praised. MotoGP has evolved, becoming more challenging for newcomers, such as Gardner, who joined without prior testing or knowledge of Yamaha bikes. Gardner’s transition from KTM’s MotoGP to World Superbikes required rewiring his approach due to the switch to Pirelli rubber and production machinery. Gardner’s progress at GRT Yamaha team indicates his potential to be a valuable asset, even if it may not impact their full-time rider plans significantly. Quartararo commended Gardner’s performance in his first MotoGP race, highlighting his quick adaptation to the Yamaha despite initial challenges.”

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