Should’ve won? Marquez’s crazy German GP weekend explained

Should've won? Marquez's crazy German GP weekend explained

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Marc Marquez was delighted at how his German Grand Prix played out in the end – but should it have yielded his first MotoGP win on a Ducati?

The German Grand Prix venue Sachsenring was a highly anticipated race for Marc Marquez to secure his first win on the Ducati but his weekend took a dramatic turn, ultimately leading to crashes during practice sessions. Despite the challenges, Marquez’s bond with his brother Alex Marquez shined through as they celebrated their first MotoGP podium together. Marquez showcased impressive pace and determination throughout the weekend, demonstrating the potential for a competitive performance. The crashes during practice sessions posed obstacles, but the quick problem-solving skills of his team allowed Marquez to continue and eventually compete in the race. Although faced with setbacks, Marquez’s resilience and dedication were evident as he navigated through the challenges at Sachsenring.

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