Our verdict on Hamilton’s emotional win and McLaren mistakes

Our verdict on Hamilton's emotional win and McLaren mistakes

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After a wait of more than two and a half years, Lewis Hamilton is a grand prix winner again. Here’s what our writers make of the end of his long F1 win drought – and how much of a missed opportunity this was for McLaren (again)

Lewis Hamilton’s victory at Silverstone after over two and a half years marked his ninth British GP win, a remarkable feat in Formula 1 history. The race had more to offer beyond Hamilton’s triumph, with discussions on McLaren’s strategic decisions involving Lando Norris. Hamilton’s resilience and performance highlight his enduring talent and competitiveness, dispelling any doubts about his abilities. The season promises exciting races ahead, with Hamilton proving he’s still a force to be reckoned with. McLaren, on the other hand, will be ruing missed opportunities in a chaotic race that tested their decision-making under pressure. As the season unfolds, the emotional wins and fierce competition in F1 continue to captivate fans worldwide, setting the stage for more thrilling moments to come.

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