Crunching the Numbers: Analyzing McLaren’s Performance and Potential to Overtake Red Bull

Crunching the Numbers: Analyzing McLaren's Performance and Potential to Overtake Red Bull

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McLaren now has a car capable of winning most weekends. Considering the recent opportunities that have passed it by, though, is it operationally ready to compete with the rest of the F1 elite?

McLaren’s recent mistakes in the British Grand Prix are part of a series of strategic errors that have frustrated Lando Norris and the team, making them feel like Formula 1 wins slip away in 2024. Despite Norris’ breakthrough win in Miami, McLaren has narrowly missed out on victories at various races to Red Bull and Mercedes. Post-race, Norris often laments the lost win, acknowledging the recurring theme himself. The errors have raised concerns within The Race Members’ Club about McLaren’s readiness to challenge Red Bull consistently. The team’s decision-making during races has been questioned, with suggestions that McLaren may not be battle-hardened enough to make optimal strategy calls. Comparisons have been drawn between McLaren’s current struggles and Red Bull’s early years of winning races, highlighting the learning curve the team is currently facing.

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