Revving Up Speculation: Hamilton’s Potential Regret with Ferrari Move

Revving Up Speculation: Hamilton's Potential Regret with Ferrari Move

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Would Lewis Hamilton still make the same move, given Ferrari’s current problems and Mercedes’ winning resurgence? And is he now feeling any regret? The Race F1

In February, Lewis Hamilton’s surprising move to Ferrari for 2025 seemed logical due to Mercedes’ struggles and Ferrari’s potential. However, with Ferrari’s current issues and Mercedes’ strong comeback, would Hamilton still make the same decision now? Are there any regrets on his part? These questions are addressed in the latest podcast by Edd Straw, Ben Anderson, and Glenn Freeman, who also discuss various topics submitted by The Race Members’ Club (now on Patreon). The Race F1 Podcast can be freely subscribed to through platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

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