The Future of F1: Villeneuve’s Bold Predictions for Verstappen and Mercedes

The Future of F1: Villeneuve's Bold Predictions for Verstappen and Mercedes

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Jacques Villeneuve has offered his take on the speculation that Max Verstappen could leave Red Bull before his contract concludes.

Former F1 champion Jacques Villeneuve has put forth a driver market theory amidst ongoing speculation surrounding Max Verstappen’s future. Verstappen, currently with Red Bull until 2028, is rumored to potentially switch teams in 2026 with the new power unit regulations. Mercedes and Ferrari are speculated to be front runners under the new rules following the recent Canadian GP. Villeneuve finds it hard to envision Red Bull sans Verstappen and ponders on potential destinations for the 26-year-old driver. The available seat at Mercedes for 2026 might not align with Villeneuve’s view, predicting they lean towards an older driver before integrating junior talent Andrea Kimi Antonelli in 2026.

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