Verstappen’s Unwavering Support: Perez Defended Amidst F1 Struggles

Verstappen's Unwavering Support: Perez Defended Amidst F1 Struggles

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Sergio Perez suffered another difficult outing during qualifying at the Silverstone Circuit as he was eliminated following a spin in Q1.

Max Verstappen defended his Red Bull teammate Sergio Perez after a challenging qualifying session at Silverstone, where Perez spun in Q1 and ended up in the gravel, starting 19th on the grid for the British Grand Prix. Verstappen mentioned that in racing, one has to rely on their own abilities without external help and expressed confidence that with a clean car, they can still be competitive. Despite Perez’s rough qualifying streak, Verstappen believes in his teammate’s potential and unfortunate circumstances. Verstappen highlighted the tricky conditions that affected Perez’s performance and emphasized the importance of waiting to see how the weather unfolds on race day. The Dutch driver acknowledged the need for both cars to be competitive but remained optimistic about their chances if everything falls into place.

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